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For over thirty years, young children have been learning from Trisha Whitney. They have learned to love reading, to write fluently, to understand mathematical patterns. And they have learned to respect people in their sameness and diversity, to stand up against bias, to resolve conflicts peacefully, and to have a strong sense of self-worth based on their own challenges and successes.Trisha Whitney

This kind of learning is possible because of the learning materials Trisha has developed for her unique program. Now it’s time for all teachers and parents to have access to these tools for joyful learning!

Cheering Elf Press is starting out in January 2012 with two products. Sounds Like Fun is a CD/poster set that introduces children to phonetic awareness through music. Trisha Whitney’s acclaimed book, Kids Like Us: Using Persona Dolls in the Classroom, gives guidelines for one of the most powerful ways to teach social skills to children. Products in the pipeline include Elf Notes, a magical and easy system for encouragement and motivation, ready-to-use visual math systems, and educational plays for children about diversity and justice. Sign up on our mailing list to hear about new offerings as they arrive!

Trisha Whitney is the founder and director of the Drinking Gourd Elementary School. This small nonprofit school is a success-based program where children learn at their own individualized pace, where learning is fun, and where anti-bias attitudes and social skills teaching create an atmosphere of mutual encouragement.Hands-on math

Before founding the Drinking Gourd, Trisha worked as a sign language interpreter and a private tutor, and directed the Oakley School in Virginia. She believes in education that puts children first, that operates on a human scale, and that nurtures children’s love of learning and opens their eyes to the world.
Do Mi Stauber
Do Mi Stauber is a book indexer, writer, publisher, artist, musician, and teacher of adults. She has assisted in the classroom, edited and indexed Trisha’s writings, prepared teacher training materials, organized and co-taught workshops on Trisha’s methods, and served on the board of the Drinking Gourd School. She is proud to help bring these marvelous tools out into the world. Find out more about Do Mi’s other projects on her blog.