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Sounds Like Fun

Sounds Like Fun CD front cover

The first step in learning to read is phonetic awareness: identifying the sounds in words. What better way to introduce this experience than through music?
Sounds Like Fun, Sounds Like Reading introduces the sounds of the letters to children in a fun, effective, and developmentally appropriate way. Twenty-six songs with memorable characters and stories lead children to play naturally and joyfully with the letter sounds. The colorful poster links the songs and characters to the letter forms.
Sounds Like Fun poster
Easy to learn. Each simple song is sung clearly by an adult singer for easy comprehension, with guitar accompaniment, and with a chorus of child singers.
Classroom proven. Children have been happily learning to read with these songs in Trisha Whitney’s classrooms for over twenty years.
Listen to sample songs:
A Annie the Anteater
J Jack-in-the-Box
Y Yuck Said the Yak
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How can I use Sounds Like Fun in my toddler or preschool program? Children this young should be preparing for literacy in developmentally appropriate ways. They love the Sounds Like Fun songs! Simply play the songs regularly and have the poster in an accessible place. You don’t need to make a big point about reading. Listening to the music, singing and dancing along, and recognizing the characters will bring familiarity with the letter sounds with ease and joy!
O Ostrich
How can I use Sounds Like Fun in my kindergarten or first-grade classroom? For five- and six-year-olds, Sounds Like Fun makes a perfect classroom structure for introducing letters and the sounds they make. Focus on one sound at a time. Sing the song, look at the picture, and do activities based on the song’s story and characters. For instance, for the letter “M” you might have kids call out words that start with the “m” sound–and make milkshakes and muffins.
I already have several CDs with alphabet songs. Why do I need another one? Most other alphabet songs are based on the names of the letters, not their sounds. This helps children later when they learn to alphabetize, but is not very useful for learning to read. (Many children weaned on the ABC song have to learn that the letter “W” says “w,” not “d”!) Sounds Like Fun emphasizes the sounds of the letters, and each song gives many examples of the focus sound in a fun way.
Y Yak
My students are expected to focus on academics. They don’t have time for playing with music during class time. Music has been shown to help children (and adults) learn faster. Concepts communicated through song stick more easily. And learning that is fun is much more motivating! These songs and images are an integral part of the very successful Drinking Gourd School reading curriculum.

J Jack-in-the-Box image I don’t think young children should be forced to study reading too early. You are absolutely right, if the emphasis is on “force” and “study.” Young children need to play and have fun, and music should be an integral part of their lives. There’s a world of difference between filling out endless worksheets and listening and dancing to music. Exposing young children to the letter sounds in a fun and engaging way is a gift that will start them off right in their love for learning.
Is this just for schools, or can I use it at home? Sounds Like Fun is great for kids at home! Kids love these songs and enjoy listening to them over and over. The poster goes well in a child’s bedroom or playroom, and the characters become familiar friends.
How does Sounds Like Fun fit into my homeschooling curriculum? It’s a good fit for homeschooling, and can be used in all of the ways classroom teachers use it. Homeschooling children often learn through their daily activities, and integrating the letter songs into the home environment gives kids a big step up towards learning to read.
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